Wrexham Music Co-operative

Parents Guide To Our Service

Who We Are

​We are a new not-for-profit organisation providing quality music tuition in Wrexham county. Established in April 2018 following the loss of the previous music service, the Co-operative is run by the tutors for the benefit of all pupils in Wrexham county. We provide tuition on a wide range of instruments and voice, aiming to develop each pupil’s musical potential according to their individual needs and aspirations. We offer a fresh approach to music provision throughout the county.

Getting Started

​Our members provide up to 36 lessons per academic year to your child. We recommend 15-minute lessons for primary school pupils, 20-minute lessons for secondary school pupils and 30-minute for higher-grade pupils. Most schools offer lessons from Year 2 and above but please remember that when choosing an instrument, the age and size of your child needs to be taken into consideration – we can always be contacted for advice in this area.


​The Co-operative will provide your child with an instrument and the tutor will help guide you and your child into choosing the correct instrument that is most suitable.

We offer tuition on violin, viola, cello, double bass, harp, recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, tenor horn, baritone, euphonium, trombone, tuba, French horn, drum kit, orchestral percussion, piano, electric keyboard, guitar (acoustic, classical, electric and bass), ukulele, voice, music theory and aural work.


​Exams are a vital part of progress in music. Our tutors will advise when your pupils are ready to take an exam. We work with a range of examination boards including ABRSM and Trinity College London. At beginner lever, we will be holding our own Co-operative ‘stars’ exams where pupils can take a short exam within school and be awarded with either a bronze, silver or gold certificate of achievement. This is a prerequisite to taking an Associated Board Grade 1 exam but will give you an indication of your child’s progress. Our tutors can take your child from beginner up to grade 8 level and beyond.


​Every pupil having lessons can access one of our ensembles, which are strategically placed throughout the county – tutors will advise on the most suitable ensemble for your child. Playing in an ensemble is a vital part of progress and builds friendships, teamwork and confidence skills. Regular performance is key to progress.

Music Mania Summer School

All Wrexham county pupils will have the opportunity to attend our Co-operative annual summer school ‘Music Mania’. This is held in August each year in association with North Wales and Denbighshire Music Co-operative and is a week-long, non-residential course both for instrumentalists and non-instrumentalists. This course is often an introduction to music lessons as we have a ‘creative’ group on the course where children are introduced to several different instruments during the week. The course features sports, crafts, art and drama, and has a team of bilingual visiting tutors on hand to make sure your child has a super week.

Staffed transport available from Wrexham area.

Music Mania is open to all pupils aged 7 to 18 see www.musicmania.education to apply.


​Lessons will always be on a set day of the week. The tutor is not responsible for catching up lessons if your child is absent for any reason, including forgetting their instrument! Once your child starts tuition please ensure they attend each session and arrive at school with music and instrument on lesson day. Your support and encouragement is vital.

Lessons can only be cancelled in writing to your child’s school at the end of each full school term, with parents having to continue to pay for the following half term as a period of notice for the tutor.

Our tutors are all very experienced in their own areas and will support any pupil considering giving up. We never like to see the end of a pupil’s musical journey; sometimes a chat and a little encouragement is all that’s needed for them to continue and to learn a valuable lesson in life skills.

Communication is important if you are unhappy with any aspect of our service – we aim to give your child the very best musical experience and will endeavour to solve any problems that may arise along the way. Our Director is always happy to meet with parents/guardians if requested.


​​Having music lessons within school is significantly cheaper than finding a private tutor within your area. Your child’s school will advise you on the termly charge and on payment arrangements.